Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lunar Boy Road Trip

Nothing like a robot on a wire to get me going. This drawing reminded me of so many lame paperback science fiction books from the sixties and seventies that my dad used to read, and at the same time underground comics. I very much want to do more with these. Let me know what you think of them, and also let me know what your favorite science fiction book covers are. Mine is the old school cover to "I,Robot".
Here are a couple of the birds that I am thinking of using in the helmet and head phone series. I saw a lady downtown who was doing these huge oils on canvas that basically looked like these vignettes on a massive canvans. The branches took up the whole surface, but the birds were tiny, and low and behold placed in the golden mean.........Hmm. I bet that woman went to art school.

This weekend I am driving down to Astoria to trade out some of the images that are hanging there with some of the newer bird paintings. Trading out the paintings will be cool. I think the bird paintings are the creme of my work so far, and hopefully others will agree, but the best thing about going to Astoria is that I get to go on a sweet drive through the country and I will not be in city limits for two whole days. Now that is a beautiful thing.

I'm going to take down a disk with jpgs of everything I am taking too, so I will let you all know when Lunar Boy's website is updated and you can buy some new paintings.

Until then Rock out with your Asimov Out.
Be well.

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Mattie John Bamman said...

I think, therefore I, Robot. Diggin' the city robots, but like the birds better. Robots can be so fashionable these days. I like the idea of them coming to life at night like elves and completeling all the work in the city's workshop. The birds are sexy big wormmonsters, like self-guided missiles. Sometimes I dream of them blasting the cuckoo-clock palace two seconds before noon. The difference is as clear as day and night.