Thursday, January 9, 2014

Big Doings and Stepping Into the Present Millenium

The move is done.  My wife and I are settling into our new home nicely and with that new home life have come a couple of new exciting tidbits.  She has managed to set up an internet Hotspot so that I can use the internet at home and at studio.  This works out well as I am now able to post to this super duper up to date blog right from the studio.  I also have been granted a new phone from the folks at AT&T allowing me to take better photos from my phone as well.  All of this is making me feel slightly more up to date and much better capable of doing the things that I want to do creatively.

My upcoming show at the Studio is coming along nicely.  The work has really taken a turn for the better in the last couple of weeks.  Once I opened myself up to a wider range of word pieces the show has really made more sense.  I don't think that I had ever intended on being as specific as my earlier pieces were.  The trouble was that I loved the "Today may Just be..." piece entirely too much to make wise decisions about future pieces.  Fortunately the shrinking allotted time always allows me to think a bit more aggressively on the creative end.  Today I spent the majority of my day working on a font for this piece.

 I was very pleased making this font up today.  The M was based on the font used in an Of Monsters and Men album.  The rest of the letters were made to go with that M.  It was nice to be working in a tiny sketchbook next to the final piece.  The results seemed to be so immediate working in that way.  Often I will be working in a sketchbook at home and unable to really visualize the final product because I can't see the surface that I am putting the work on.  Having the final right next to the sketchbook definitely felt better in this way.
I love this piece and how much more subtle I feel it is when I am using this font rather than a more aggressive in your face font.  I wonder what that other font might suggest with this lettering.

With any luck more to come tomorrow.  It is time for the Mighty Lark to fly.

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