Friday, November 19, 2010

Installation, A Comic, and Things Left Unsaid

Last night I had to put together the installation with some level of finish. I was very pleased with what occurred. I know that when people see images of it sometimes it doesn't appear to have changed much, but in my head it has changed so much and the small things that have changed and the bits and pieces that have been added really make it work for me. It has been an incredible lesson as well. I've learned that this is what I've been trying to create for several years now but haven't been able to. It almost seems like that realization is what graduate school is all about anyway, so maybe this school thing is a complete success.

Anyway here's a panorama of the installation finish as it stands now and as it was critiqued.

I also finally figured out a method of hanging and creating a piece out of a few boards that I have had grouped together in my head for ages now. They are interchangeable. I am toying with the idea of hanging the piece and inviting people to move the boards around. Let me know what you think.

I really like this piece. Though I would like it even better if the room that it is currently hanging in didn't absolute exude office space. That's it for now though. Starting to catch a little cold, so I think I will go take a nap and enjoy my day.

Til next time.

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The Studio said...

I *LOVE* the installation, and if it's not too difficult to have people move the board around on the hanging one, I'd encourage the interaction - though you run risks with that. The face is amazing; it looks like you're doing a lot of really exciting stuff that's stretching you in all of the best ways. Cheerio!