Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Rhythm Method

It has been a busy two weeks as I've been preparing for my move and trying to finish up the Dwellings show. This will probably be the last that I post to the blog even, since I am going to my parents house for my birthday, where telephone is the height of technology. I love them but there are times when I wonder if they are ok with these moving pictures and what not.

Anyway, last week I was asked to do a poster for an R&B band called the Rhythm Method in New Hampshire. They have a really good sound. Kind of a moving funk beat to it all. Unfortunately as busy as I was the best that I was thinking of for the longest time were plays on the rhythm method procuring babies. I didn't really figure that the mid forties individuals in the band would really appreciate a fetus dressed up like John Lee Hooker so I kept the type and changed the image to a very nice turtle.

Here it is.

Hope you like it. I was stoked just to draw a turtle. Lets be honest.
See you folks in a week.

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