Saturday, May 26, 2007

A terrified bird and some Fuzzballs

This is called "Terrified of Flight". (anyone a 764 Hero fan?) Anyway, it is the latest paper piece for the Pulp show at Gallery 110, which is next wednesday night. I'll be there and dressed up. So come on down for some free wine and some cool art. It will rock.
Oh and this is a cool picture of my cats. I know, I'm probably crossing the line into crazy cat person if I start putting images of my cats up in my art blog, but come think they're cute don't you?


Camwyn said...

Wow, Jasper's gotten BIG! I really like the new piece, can't wait until you come east again so I can get a new piece to grace my walls!

Mattie John Bamman said...

Yo Bro, nice lookin' on the blogstylz. How's the beer van runnin' these days? Keep up the killer work -- High on Fire -- Mattie